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Lars Petersen

Lars Petersen started his professional career as a rider for the Blue Hors Stud—one of Europe’s leading stallion stations. At Blue Hors he become their number one rider and started their competition success. He went on to become five time Danish National Champion, represent Denmark at the Atlanta Olympic Games, four World Equestrian Games (WEG) and eight World Cup finals. Lars was also the first non German to win the Hamburg Derby. He moved to America in 2002 where he has since built a business with his Wife, however, he still returns to Denmark regularly to train Blue Hors' top riders. 

Melissa Taylor

Melissa Taylor is an American Grand Prix rider who started her career as a professional dressage trainer in 2001. She owns and operates Legacy Farms with Lars and runs all of the management side of the business. Melissa has shown 5 different horses at the Grand Prix level and is aiming to take her newest Grand Prix horse Dixie WRF onto a US Team. 

Mackenzie Peer

Mackenzie Peer is the assistant trainer for Lars and Melissa. She has shown through I1 and is currently showing the FEI Young Riders. Mackenzie was fortunate enough to work at a breeding barn growing up which gave her lots of experience training horses from the ground up as well as experience in showing and sales. She also runs the marketing and sales program at Legacy Farms.


The Girl Gang

Everyone that knows about Legacy knows about our Girl Gang. The girls are such a big part of our day to day life at Legacy and they are the ones who really run the show. Whether they are patrolling through the barns to check if anyone is willing to feed them again, or they are squawking along side the arena showing their support, the girls steal the show. 

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